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The Benchwarmers Benefits

Why is it so important to keep warm before playing sports or exercise?

One of the most common soft tissue injuries in sports today is the hamstring strains.

The most important reason for warming up and keeping warm is to prevent injury during exercise; keeping the muscles warm will prevent acute injuries such as hamstring strains and will stave off overuse injuries by allowing the body to prepare steadily and safely. Substitutes on the sideline should be kept warm while waiting to join the game.

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It has been shown that hamstring strain injuries account for 12-16% of all injuries in English, Australian and New Zealand professional Football.

Muscle injuries represent a continuum from mild muscle cramp to complete muscle rupture.

To prevent hamstring injuries, it is vital to keep warm whilst waiting to take the field. An athlete sitting on a cold bench is the ideal conditions for soft tissue injuries.

While the athlete is sitting on the bench the buttocks and hamstrings are in contact with a cold surface. The muscles cool down before entering the game, leaving the athlete open to injury. This is where BENCHWARMERS® come in to effect, keeping the participants muscles warm.


Features of Benchwarmers

There are no competing products that come close in terms of features, ease of use and price.
  • Windproof outer garment                                            

  • Water resistant 

  • Fleece lined for extra warmth

  • Ankle length design

  • Hood 

  • Inside pockets

  • Protects players from rain, wind and cold

  • Ultra-lightweight

  • Machine washable 

  • Quick drying

Image by Sandro Schuh

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