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Customised to your teams colours

Benchwarmers® are customised to your teams colours, patterns and logo

Maximise your team's performance and keep your players safe with Benchwarmers® functional benchwear

Soft tissue injuries are the number one most common injury category across all forms of sport worldwide. If a player's temperature is not managed well, they risk a whole range of injuries from tears to sprains and strains.

Keeping your players warm on the bench is vital to ensure they are ready to give 110% as soon as they hit the field, and Benchwarmers® is here to help you do just that.

Find out more about the benefits of our functional benchwear today.

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Help your players avoid injury as they keep warm on the bench

Experts have long known the link between winter sports, cold weather and soft tissue injuries. 

Benchwarmers® are specially designed to keep the most vulnerable parts of the body warm as players recover on the bench. Benchwarmers cover the upper legs to prevent contact with cold metal bench seats while keeping the arms free to allow players to adequately cool and regulate their temperature in the upper body.

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Designed to help sports people perform to the best of their ability

Customised to your teams colours and logo

Send us your team logo and we'll use your colours to customise your Benchwarmers®, blending seamlessly with your uniform.

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